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Obstetric Ultrasounds

An obstetric ultrasound is a type of scan done to assess the well-being of your pregnancy. They may be conducted at various stages of the pregnancy. These scans will help obtain valuable information about the health of your baby along with tracking his or her progress.

Early pregnancy scans

Ultrasounds performed in the early stages of pregnancy help to establish accurate due dates and can also determine if you should be expecting more than one bundle of joy.

Ultrasounds throughout your pregnancy

Scans done periodically during your pregnancy help measure the growth of your baby, assessment of organs, evaluation of amniotic fluid and placenta, and even identify the sex of the baby if the parents would like to know.

Ultrasound - Obstetrician in Oxford, MS

GYN Ultrasounds

Pelvic ultrasounds involve the assessment of your female pelvic organs. They can help us identify problems you may be experiencing. Ultrasounds can also be completed during your regularly scheduled appointments. We have an ultrasound technician in the office at all times for your convenience.
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