Bone density screenings and treatments in Oxford, MS


Bone Density Services

A bone mineral density (BMD) test measures the density of your hip and spine. We use a Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA Scan) to measure your BMD. The test is painless. This information may be used to diagnose osteoporosis, estimate your risk for fracture, and see how well your medication for low bone density is working.
Xray machine — obstetric in Oxford, MS

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Out staff is trained in BMD testing whether done for screening or follow-up. DEXA scan is the gold standard for checking your BMD. You should have BMD testing if you are at increased risk for osteoporosis. Feel free to discuss this with any of our medical staff.

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Oxford Clinic for Women cares about YOU. Our patients always receive the best care. From annual gynecologic visits to da Vinci Robotic Surgery - we are here to help you stay healthy and live life to the fullest.

Talk with your physician about whether or not you are in need of a bone density scan.